All prices include masking all threads, stripping, cleaning, degreasing, and coating parts.

There is a 50% additional charge for colors such as clear coats and translucent/anodized/candy colors due to being a 2-step coating process. 2 tone jobs require custom quote depending on your needs.Please give us a call or email us if you are unsure.


All prices are estimates only and pricing will depend on the amount of prep work involved.
Cast aluminum and magnesium parts may experience out-gassing and or bubbling in the finished powder coating. We will take every precaution to avoid out-gassing, however we cannot be held responsible for bubbling caused by porous coatings.


Each piece must be disassembled or additional charges will apply.

If you do not see a part listed that you would like to have powder coated give us a call for your quote.

All prices below are estimates only.
Prices are subject to change upon
inspection. The price minimum for
any job is $50.
Part DescriptionPrice starting at:
Air Intake Piping$1.00 per inch
Air Cleaner Base$25.00-$35.00
Air Cleaner Lid$15.00-$20.00
Battery Box$30.00-$40.00
Battery Tray$20.00-$30.00
Bolt Head (taped threads)$2.00 Each
BracketsSmall $10.00
Medium $15.00
Large $20.00
Brake Caliper (single pc.)$30.00-$60.00 each
(depending on the number of pistons)
Brake Caliper (2 pc.)$40.00-$60.00 each (
depending on the number of pistons)
Brake Caliper Bracket$15.00 each
Brake Backing Plate$15.00-$20.00 each
Brake Drum$30.00-$40.00 each
(large off-road
bumpers are $200+)
Coil Spring$20.00-30.00 Each
Control Arm$25.00-$40.00 each
Fan shroud$50.00-$60.00
Fuel Tank$100.00-$125.00
Fuel Cell$60.00-$80.00
Fuel Rail$25.00-$35.00
Headlight Buckets$30.00 Per Pair
Headlight Ring$20.00 Per Pair
Hood Hinges$20.00-$40.00 Each
Hood Latch- Bottom$15.00-$25.00
Hood Latch- Top$15.00-$25.00
Hub Cap (metal)$25.00 Each
Intake Manifold4 – 6 – 8 Cylinder $80 – $120.00
Intercooler $60.00-120.00
(depending on size)
Intercooler Piping$1 per inch
License Plate Frame$20.00
Lug Nuts$2.00 Each
Oil pan$55.00-$75.00
PulleyUnder 4″ Diameter
Over 4″ Diameter
Radiator Support$125.00-$175.00
Rear HousingFull Size
Roll Bar/Cage$150.00-$250.00
Springs$30.00-$40.00 each
Strut bar upper (only middle section if ends
come off)
Strut bar upper (ends included as 1 full bar)$40.00
Strut bar lower (only middle section if ends
come off)
Strut bar lower (ends included as 1 full bar)$35.00
Strut bar ends$15.00 each
Sway bar$60.00-$80.00
Timing Cover$30.00-$40.00
Transmission Pan$35.00-$45.00
Turbo Compressor Housing-Inlet$45.00
*Turbo Turbine Housing- Outlet in Ceramic$70.00
Valve Cover4 Cylinder
Inline 6 Cylinder
V-6 Cylinder $80.00-
$90.00 pair
V-8 Cylinder $80.00-
100.00 pair
Polished Lettering
Add $20.00-$30.00.
Washer$1.00 Each
Water Pump (must remove bearings inside)$40.00
Wheelie Bars$80.00-$120.00
Windsheild Wiper Arms$30.00 Pair
Wheels (standard is 7″ wide wheel. Add $2 for
every 1″ over 7″ in depth per wheel)

Add an anti-corrosive primer treatment as a
base coat for $25 per wheel.

Add a clear top coat for extra protection for
$25 per wheel.
26″+ $130.00 Each
25″ $125.00 Each
24″ $120.00 Each
23″ $115.00 Each
22″ $110.00 Each
21″ $105.00 Each
20″ $100.00 Each
19″ $95.00 Each
18″ $90.00 Each
17″ $85.00 Each
16″ $80.00 Each
15″ $75.00 Each
14″ $70.00 Each
13″ $65.00 Each
NOTE: There is a $50 minimum per order & $20 minimum per color change.